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Which app will you use to conduct the session?

We will be conducting all our sessions on Zoom or Google meet.

Will you continue online teaching post pandemic also?

Our model is online as we wish to reach maximum people without limitations of location.

Do you provide some content for the mentee?

 We will provide PPT used for the discussion during the class for future reference. There is enough content available for every topic on the internet for their reference, we aim to help mentees in understanding the concept.

Are you a registered non-profit organization?

Yes, we are a registered non–profit organization (PassionEdx Foundation -Licence number – 122216)

Who can join as a mentee?

Anyone who is above 12 years of age (Grade 7 to Postgraduate level) and keen to learn any of the subjects offered by Passionedx from qualified and experienced mentors. 

Why only above 12 years of students can register?

We conducted several surveys and concluded that it is very difficult for children below 12 years to pay attention during online classes. All our mentors are donating their precious time and we want it to be best utilized.

Who can join as a mentor?

Anyone who has the required qualification and experience to teach the subject of their interest (to students above 12 years) and wish to volunteer in our mission of making personalized quality education affordable for everyone.

What are the charges per session?

There are no fixed charges. One can donate as much as one wishes to. The amount collected will be utilized to fulfil the education-related needs of underprivileged children. 

How do we make donations?

There is a link for the payment gateway on our website - Donate page. Using that link one can donate any amount in INR.

How can a mentee communicate with a mentor?

A mentee can communicate with the mentor using the Passionedx website and the login provided. Once enrolled for a session, the mentee and mentor will be able to see each other's email IDs.

How will a mentee know which mentor one should request for a session?

Initially, we will help the mentee to reach the mentor with the required expertise. It might take 2-3 sessions for the mentee to get familiar with a mentor.

Can a student attend a session on a mobile phone or mobile data network?

Using a mobile phone will not be able to give the student the experience that we are looking for. We expect students to use a computer/laptop with a stable data connection for a better learning experience.

Are you teaching only underprivileged children?

As our model is online, the minimum requirement for the mentee is a computer / Laptop and a stable internet connection. It is unfair to expect underprivileged kids to have the same. In fact, most of our existing mentees are coming from well to do families and are donating generously.

We are providing quality education by the finest mentors to interested mentees who have basic facilities. These mentees can donate as per their wish. Funds generated will be used to fulfil the educational requirements of underprivileged children.

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