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Passioned means marked by Passion, Ed is education and x is extra-curricular, so here we are- PassionEdFoundation - a non-profit venture by passionate educators (mentors) who works for providing education (to underprivileged children), by providing education to passionate students (mentee), located anywhere in the world.  We believe that accessibility to high-quality education is a fundamental right of human life irrespective of the level of their financial status. PassionEdx is trying to bridge the gap between information available and developing understanding, by creating an opportunity to have live video interaction between mentees and mentors. Mentors at PassionEdx Foundation are well qualified and committed to working as volunteers, just simply for their passion for teaching and spreading the joy of learning, therefore one can expect it to be the best. 

PassionEdx Foundation is conceptualized by Sonal Dasani (educator) and founded by Vishal Gokani (IT professional), Shruti Gokani and their growing team in 2020 with the mission of making personalized education accessible and affordable for everyone, anywhere. We believe there are lots of people willing to give back to society by making use of their skills and knowledge to derive satisfaction in this process. Our aim is to develop a platform where such selfless mentors can get in touch with a keen mentee who can be benefited from personalized guidance. A mentee can be from any country and any financial background, keen to learn the subject by understanding the concepts without rot learning. 


"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."

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Journey of thousand miles starts with a Single step. Take it today!